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How To clean a House in Ten Easy Steps

A film by Carolina González Valencia In Collaboration with Beatriz Valencia

Beatriz Valencia, a domestic workerin the U.S. and Carolina, her daughter-filmmaker, collaborate to create the fictional character of a writer.


How To Clean a House in 10 Easy Steps, follows our protagonist, Beatriz Valencia, an acclaimed writer originally from Colombia, and her over 20-year writing career. Mrs. Valencia has written 2 best-selling titles: How to Clean a House in 10 Easy Steps, and Solitude and Other Challenges, A Mother Working Overseas. This film captures Valencia’s writing process and her lived experience, documenting her years as a working mother to her eventual writing career.

But what is fact and what is fiction? In How To Clean a House in 10 Easy Steps we witness the manipulation of facts and fiction as mother and daughter create ways to heal, celebrate and emancipate their own stories. Fact: In March 1998, Mrs. Valencia, my mother, left our home in Medellin, Colombia, and immigrated to the United States, where she would support our family for the next 20 years as a domestic worker. Fiction: My mother is not an acclaimed author. This persona is, in fact, a made-up character my mother created when I turned the camera on her to learn about her immigration story and her life as a domestic worker.

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Carolina González Valencia
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Brenda Avila-Hanna
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Gonzálo Escobar Mora

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